Macau -  Asia’s Las Vegas
Macau is well-known as Asia’s Las Vegas. Set in the Heart of Asia, its geographical predominance makes it a strategic location for international trade, travel and entertainment.
Business Travelers Want to Be in Macau Because:
Easy Accessible Location with Convenient Transport
Located at the intersection of East Asia and Southeast Asia, there is quick and easy transportation to China
as well as to over 20 neighboring Asian regions by air, sea and land.
It takes less than 1 hours to go to nearby business and manufacturing hubs such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and the Pearl River Delta region by coach     and river.
More than Half the World’s Populations are within a Short Traveling Distance
Total population of 1.4 billion in Asia is encompassed within a 3-hour radius flying time (e.g. Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines)
Total population of 2.9 billion in Asia is encompassed within a 5-hour radius flying time (e.g. Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.)

More Information about the Venue

Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n, Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China